Baking with Leigh

I realize it’s been a while. These things happen. The past few months sorta sucked a lot out of me. For now though, there are lighter subjects to tackle. Earlier this week, I mentioned the 2B Homecooked video “Baking with Leigh” on ESPN, and a kind owner of the video posted it on YouTube. It features Leigh Ramsdell, Hal Brindley, Bill Nitschke and a host of other influential BMXers from 1991, and I like to think of it as perhaps the first modern day “promo” video in BMX. The hilarity ensues throughout the entire video, including the t-shirt rundown done while sitting on the floor of a Victoria’s Secret. But I’ve always been a huge fan of the crash at 6:40. Ramsdell overshoots the rail and tries to candybar his way out of the fall, as Hal dances in the background. A simpler time in BMX when no one cared what the other BMXer looked or acted like — you were just psyched to see someone else riding a BMX bike.