Oh the BMX Mailorder humanity

Three days ago, Indiana-based BMX mail-order giant Dan’s Competition pushed the sale of the new 2018 complete bike line from Stolen Bicycles, saying “ride it like you stole it” and urging social media followers to buy, buy, buy. But all was not well behind the scenes at the longstanding mail-order, which was founded in 1986 as a mobile bike shop by Dan Duckworth and moved into the mail-order biz in 1997.

Hours later, Dan’s Comp team manager Scott Towne, who had worked at the brand for the past seven years, let the world know that he was done with the brand, thanking his co-workers and team riders along the way. “My mission was to make Dan’s human, and I feel I was able to accomplish that goal, and much more. It was a good run,” said Towne as he posted a photo of the Dan’s Comp lightning bolt logo adorning his top tube aside lyrics from the Washington D.C. band Fugazi. Continue reading Oh the BMX Mailorder humanity

RIP Brink Distro

Earlier today, I learned that Brink Distribution, formerly 1664 Distribution, was going out of business. Home to S&M/Fit, T-1, Animal, Profile, United, 1664 Parts and more, Brink was a dedicated BMX business run by actual bike riders that put on contests, supported the scene in Edmonton and beyond and genuinely cared about BMX.

Yesterday, Canadian S&M flatland rider Pete Olsen stepped down from S&M and I just didn’t put two and two together. But he was sponsored by S&M through Brink, and with them closing up shop, he stepped down from his position. My brain didn’t go in that direction. It all makes sense now though. Continue reading RIP Brink Distro