10 BMX Riders from New Jersey

July 2017: We’re in Minneapolis, driving to check out Paisley Park Studios before heading to the airport and talking about all of the insanely influential BMX riders that have emerged from my home state of New Jersey. On a whim, I think to myself, I could definitely create a list of 50 BMX riders from New Jersey that made an impact on riding in some way, and make plans to do so. Upon returning home though, I looked at that list and thought twice after reaching ten write-ups on riders from the late ‘80s/early ‘90s era that influenced me or the scene in some way. I have a full list done, but I can rattle on and on about my experiences with each of them and then I won’t have time to ride or work or do anything. So until my hips completely give out, here are the first ten write-ups, spanning the General Bicycles/central Jersey flatland era and beyond. Continue reading 10 BMX Riders from New Jersey