Bizarre Tales of The Rust Belt: Flatland Edition

A few weeks, an obscure BMX frame popped up on eBay that grabbed my attention. It wasn’t the “ultra rare” tagline or the CAPS used in that statement — it was the name “Kevin Jones.” Jones, the father, grandfather and godfather of modern BMX flatland riding. Jones invented almost every basic trick position used in modern flatland riding, and to this day, his techniques, styles and positions are the building blocks for everything being done in flatland. His riding and progression was also heavily documented in the “Dorkin’ In York” video series (for over a decade) and because he was not the poster child for a media-friendly BMX rider, he was also this enigmatic character that emerged from York, Pennsylvania and unknowingly carried this mystique with him in BMX circles. Continue reading Bizarre Tales of The Rust Belt: Flatland Edition

I turned 43…

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I was bored, it was a Sunday afternoon and I decided to go for it. I turned 43 on April 6 and decided to do 43 tricks that made me feel less 43 and more 13. I don’t know why I decided to include a string.

Special aside here, I used a few seconds of songs from Franklin and ‘Father’s Day’ from Jesu/Sun Kil Moon.