Aspen to Denver

The hate/hate affair with Aspen Airport continues. Driving to Denver!

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Aspen Airport

“I’m sorry, it’s 6:18, you need to check your bag 45 minutes before your flight departs, and you’re officially three minutes late Mr. Tunney,” said the ticketing agent.

“I was here, it’s just that the line was very long and that added extra time in line to me actually getting to give you the bag made me later than expected,” I replied.

I looked around, women were crying, a German man was screaming that he needed six hours of his life back, my friends were slowly making their way through security already and I was left wondering what to do in an unarguable situation: Do I mention my status? Do I say pretty please? Can I just get on the next flight in an hour? Will she stop accusing me of being late and scowling at me? Continue reading Aspen to Denver