Assembled arguments

By the 2012 elections, I was alone, in a desolate apartment in North Redondo Beach, wondering about the news and the election and the debates and the inter-afters of what I would hear on NPR during my brief drives throughout the South Bay. I wasn’t particularly “trying” to be disconnected, it just happened and I went with it and figured Mitt Romney versus Barack Obama in my tiny bubble of California was an afterthought that I would explore when the actual election happened.

My town, the surrounding areas, the local NPR affiliate, everyone seemed more preoccupied with getting the “ensure porn actors wear condoms” law passed. I voted for it, it passed, and then the porn industry started their various Los Angeles loopholes around the law involving Arizona and Vegas (at least that’s what NPR said…) Continue reading Assembled arguments

Young and dumb

(I originally had this titled “Brain Trauma” but it might as well be called “Young and Dumb.”)

I was young, naive, i was trying these forward rolling backyard glides. I was sitting backwards on the bike, the bars were behind me, my hands were on them and I was trying in earnest to pull the front of the bike up so I could balance on the back pegs while standing backwards and rolling forward.

It wasn’t working and I was five miles from home without a car. At the time, my bike was pretty heavy. This was the accepted truth about BMX bikes. If they weren’t heavy, they weren’t strong, and you risked your life if it broke in the wrong circumstance. On the converse though, when you did go down with the ship, all 40 – 45 pounds of that bike came down with you. And I was stuck trying something and not coming close. Continue reading Young and dumb