Brad Blanchard, 1990

On the left is Brad Blanchard, as shot by Spike Jonze in the August, 1990 issue of Go: The Rider's Manual, and on the right is the crazy parking lot located in the middle of downtown Austin on a grey day in January. It still baffles me that Trend Bike Source managed to hold one of the biggest competitions of the year in a parking lot in downtown Austin, but it definitely happened 26 years ago. According to Go, "The Bully/Hammer crew of Vic Murphy, Pete Augustin and Brad Blanchard drew plenty of respectful onlookers. Vic caught a plane into town the night before and Augustin/Blanchard drove in together. The three of them assault the wall, the car and the stonehenge non-stop during practice, except for an occasional Big Gulp break."

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United/Rooftop and the bashguard frame

Yesterday, a unique United Bike Co. prototype frame popped up on Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla’s Instagram account, featuring a Haro Sport-style bashguard from the early ’90s. Me, wearing my love for early ’90s BMX proudly on my sleeve, hit like and moved on with my day as many of us goldfish-brainers do. But I kept coming back to this unpainted oddity, now regrammed by United, thinking to myself that I will probably read about it on a BMX website in the coming hours. I was wrong, no one picked up on it. I can’t say I blame anyone, I know our attention is being pulled in a thousand directions at once these days, and that it’s only a matter of seconds before you miss out on something, but I figured this deserved some attention. Continue reading United/Rooftop and the bashguard frame

RL Osborn, 1988