Woody Itson, 1987

Larry's Donuts, a donut shop located on Torrance Blvd. just east of Prospect Avenue became my 'white whale' while living in Redondo Beach. The spot, a bank with a dumpster box that eventually served as place to disaster for Dennis McCoy, had long since been demolished, but I had no knowledge of that and spent days looking, googling, searching for the damn place. Eventually, I wised up and asked Jason Pitschke @lotlifebmx (but I'm saving that story for the eventual book/magazine thing), so I won't go into detail here. It turns out, the spot is gone, but the adjacent buildings remain, and they were but a short bike ride away from my house on S. Helberta, basically right under my nose. I will detail out the day-long story I went through with Jason, but for now, I stumbled onto this photo of Woody Itson testing the 1987 Diamond Back Hot Streak at the banks, and was able to basically replace the 1987 version of the background Verizon building with the 2015 version of the building (look close in the bottom right corner). There are more trees now, and the original location of Larry's Donuts is now a parking lot for hospice care in the South Bay, but cancan nosepicks are still cool.

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