Jess Dyrenforth, 1990

For 8 hours on Thanksgiving Day in 2012, I received no emails at all and I still tell that story like it's the best thing that's ever happened to me. That has nothing to do with this photo of Jess Dyrenforth in downtown Austin 360 nose picking a spine ramp, but I just had to vent about email somewhere. Apologies. Jess Dyrenforth was a unique one to say the least. He came from the U.K., he adapted early to mini ramp, street and everything in between, and then he disappeared to become a professional inline skater/inline skate magazine publisher when the bottom fell out of BMX. Circa 2001, I end up in Bangkok, Thailand with Jess Dyrenforth to do demos for the Asian X Tour. He was inlining, I was riding a BMX bike, and I remember wanting to hate him for leaving BMX behind, but I instead just quizzed him about the old days and how things were, and he was super cool about it. A day later, he jumped on my bike, pedaled at an 8-foot quarterpipe, and perfectly nosepicked the ramp first try. I was impressed. Last year, I looked him up in Southern California, and he's since become a holistic health teacher that specializes in a lot of massage techniques that could benefit from the rigors of everything he's experienced in BMX and inline. Again, I was impressed. I know everyone takes different routes in to and out of BMX, but I thought Jess's story was pretty cool and still respect the man's skills on a BMX bike.

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