Scot Breithaupt, 1957 – 2015

Scot Breithaupt died over the weekend. He created organized BMX racing, designed the first BMX tracks, created SE Racing, co-founded BMX Plus! Magazine and even had a hand in creating a better stem (called a “gooseneck”) to clamp early BMX handlebars more securely before BMX bicycles were even a thing.

To be honest, by the time I came around to BMX, I had no idea who he really was. I was focused more on freestyle than racing, and Breithaupt had already retired from racing. Because I studied the magazines of the time, I eventually came to know and respect his huge contributions to BMX: He paved the way for freestyle pioneers such as Bob Haro, R.L. Osborn, Mat Hoffman and many more, and he pushed everything as far as possible both on and off a BMX bike. Continue reading Scot Breithaupt, 1957 – 2015