Erin Donato, 2015

Erin Fricke (Donato) 2015 Flatland Edit from Louis Orth on Vimeo.

It’s hard for me to believe that I even met Erin Donato as a young teenage kid sometime in 1989, when she had a co-sponsorship from General Bicycles and rode a Fred Blood pro model, but I’m old and it happened and all these years later, Erin is still riding. For years, when I lived in the New Brunswick, N.J. area and Erin lived not too far away in Bound Brook, we rode together almost religiously at the infamous Rutgers football stadium parking lot. We rode together so much that we barely talked, but we had an unspoken arrangement in which seeing each other riding at that parking lot motivated the other one to get off their ass and keep riding. It was a good time. I ended up moving away and finding riding spots that were closer to my house, and eventually our time together faded into the past. I think we last rode together in Jersey City sometime in 2011, and we haven’t really spoken since. A few days ago, Louis Orth connected with me and gave me a heads up that Erin was releasing a new video. It turns out, Erin ended up buying a house with a double wide garage, kept it empty for riding purposes, and is continuing to progress on her bike. Her style hasn’t changed, she’s pushing techniques she developed into new territories, and she’s probably embarrassed that Louis even compiled this footage, edited it down and released it. Erin is a true classic and this was a welcome surprise to watch this week.

Andy Jenkins, 1986

X Games is done and I'm finally getting my life back to a degree, so these things are going to start back up. Actually, I need to do 12 more before I reach 50, and then I plan on compiling them into some sort of book/magazine this summer tentatively called 'Off The Deep End.' It will be nerdy but I need a project to work on and this seemed like a good place to start. Anyway, this is longtime Freestylin' editor Andy Jenkins @bendpress throwing a boneless off a picnic table on the side of Wizard Publications in Torrance. I'm not sure how most other readers of Freestylin' felt about skate content in a BMX magazine, but it fostered a love of skateboarding in me that remains to this day. I even started wearing skull and crossbones Life's A Beach shorts over my pants after seeing this photo, but luckily that look did not remain to this day. Also, I couldn't help but notice that the Wizard Publications building has the exact same door when I visited in late 2014 as it did in 1986…

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