Stolen expands upon Italian food theme

Following successful collaborations between the iconography of pizza imagery and BMX brands such as MacNeil, Subrosa, FBM and Deco, Southern California BMX brand Stolen Bike Co. has decided to expand beyond pizza-themes into more authentic Italian cuisine.

Beginning in 2016, Stolen will release a new complete bike in collaboration with the Olive Garden Italian Kitchen restaurant chain. The model, dubbed the Caprese, features Olive Garden ravioli grips (featuring ‘Ricotta’ rubber) and Pivotal style seat, along with a meatball-emblazoned 25-tooth sprocket.

“When you’re riding a Stolen, you’re BMX family,” said Stolen owner Dave Wooten, mirroring the alliance between BMX and Olive Garden’s former slogan. (Olive Garden updated their slogan in 2013 to “We’re all family here.”)

Constructed of a 4130 chromoly frame, the Caprese complete features four endless-breadstick pegs, aftermarket Primo BMX tires, removable brake hardware, chromoly three-piece cranks and a final overall weight of 25 pounds. The bike will be ridden by select team riders in a new “Never-ending Pasta Bowl” ramp constructed at Stolen headquarters in Southern California. 

Olive Garden will commemorate the opening of the new bowl ramp with a catered event at the location, featuring endless soup and breadsticks served by pro BMX riders from several developing brands also located in the area.

“Stolen really took the idea of Italian food themes and BMX and turned it up to 11,” said Bicycle Retailer in a recent article on food-themed bicycle collaborations. Tip Plus Distribution mirrored the sentiment: “Stolen beat us to the punch; that’s why we agreed to include Primo tires on the collab.”

Future Italian-themed BMX collaborations currently circulating through the Twitter-sphere include Sean Macintosh’s Mac-Uh-Roni Grill bike and a Buca di Beppo/Jamie Bestwick bike dubbed the “Buca di Bestwick.”

Pizza-themed artistry has formerly been explored in the world of skateboarding by brands such as Baker Skateboards, Expedition One, Creature, Black Label, Girl Skateboards, enjoi and more. However, it is a more recent development in BMX.

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