Ron Wilkerson, 1984

Basically, before I moved, I cataloged as many Wizard Publications photos as I could, then rode my bike to Torrance (from Redondo) and stood all over the parking lot of the place that once housed Wizard Publications. This was from August 1984, featuring Ron Wilkerson (left) and Rich Avella (right). Together, they formed the core of the 2-Hip Trick team, and that name later morphed into the first vert series (2-Hip King of Vert), the first street series (2-Hip Meet the Street), a fan club (2-Hip Society), a video series that once featured a Beatles song made to include George Dossantos references and ultimately, a bike company that created a steerer tube system known as 'Groovetech.' While some may argue over the merits of the 2-Hip Pork frame or the Burning Bike Festivals, I can't really knock Ron Wilkerson's vision for rider-created competitions. He was among the first to push for loosely organized jams that emphasized BMX progression over perfect runs, and that's something that still happens to this day. On this random day in January, I was proud to shoot a spot where he once posed for a lawnmower in front of a Porsche.

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