Me, 2006

I meant to post this on my birthday and didn't get around to it and now I just feel weirdly self indulgent posting this. On top is me sprocket stalling this really narrow pole atop a bank near Spider House Cafe in Austin in 2006, shot by @sandy_carson. I am far from a decent bike rider but I always liked this photo because it was pretty precarious to aim a bike and balance a sprocket and chain atop a two-inch wide steel pole. And on the bottom is the same spot from this year. What really jumped out at me is how much the background changed in less than a decade. While the BMX spots in the South Bay of Los Angeles have remained largely the same, Austin is constantly in motion and the empty spaces that used to exist are now apartments for transplants like me. And before anyone asks, I have no idea what the deal was with the white shoes.

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