Scott Clark, 1987

Getting paid as an employee in the State of New York after moving to California ultimately led me to the corner of Sepulveda and Crenshaw in Torrance in 2012. Let's blame the I.R.S. since accountants that can do State of New York taxes in Southern California are not easy to come by. There was one in all of the South Bay area — she was in Torrance, at an H&R Block across the street from a non-epic curb cut that weirdly looked familiar at the timeā€¦ I had no idea who Scott Clark was (or what magazine this is from) at the time, but he was in the right place at the right time and could blast a curb cut with style. And that talent was recognized by photographer Windy Osborn. She was/is an unstoppable force in regards to recognizing style and reflecting it as it should be seen. And she paved the way for Spike Jonze and Brad McDonald and everyone after them. Then the next generation kept it going till the page count fell off. I hate that photos aren't as appreciated or emulated as they once were in this disposable culture. I like that I remember a time before that.

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