Ruben Alcantara, 1998

I'm in Austin, it's a Thursday night and I was wandering aimlessly around the University of Texas campus when I stumbled onto the fabled red rail. I guess my first interaction with this mellow rail was when the Gute grinded it for his final trick in the Homeless 'Trash' video in 1993. My 19-year-old brain thought I was watching some kind of optical illusion at the time and I could not comprehend how someone could actually hop so high or balance for so long in a grind. But that revolution was happening before my eyes because of the scene in Austin at the time. I tried taking a screen shot of the Gute's grind, but then I remembered the photo on the top from @sandycarson. It's @rubenalcantara grinding the red rail on a Huffy in Jnco shoes, with @davemirra and @ryannyquist waiting for a turn at the top. Basically, this rail has helped pioneer a lot of progressive riding in its heyday (Paul Buchanan still owns it: feeble to crankarm in a T-1 commercial) and it's awesome that it's still around (albeit mostly unrideable). So I got off my bike, walked to the top of the rail, shot a quick photo, and thought to myself that at the time, the Gute knew no boundaries.

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