Frank Garrido, 1987

(I realize the photo says “1986.” I need to fix that…)

It's been a bit of a whirlwind week, thanks in part to eBay. I did not win the Standard Shorty frame, but I did win 12 issues of Freestylin' Magazine in pretty good condition from the height of its popularity, approximately 1986 through early 1988, and I 'only' paid $150 for them. I know that's a lot to spend on magazines that originally went for $2.50, but I had to right a wrong perpetrated by my father's second wife (who threw out all of my BMX magazines). I don't blame her, but I did have plans to hold onto those damn things. They arrived today, and the first page I opened up to was basically my white whale — the Frank Garrido gap above the International Pier in Redondo. I've visited it multiple times (and took photos of it multiple times) and it's still pretty crazy to jump (even with bikes that can withstand abuse). Despite knowing the gap was there, I could not for the life of me find the magazine or anyone that remembered the gap. Part of my gamble in this eBay bid was proving to myself that I wasn't crazy and that this sequence did actually exist, and I'm happy to say that I'm not crazy. At least not nearly as crazy as Frank Garrido in the September 1987 issue of Freestylin' Magazine, as shot by Windy Osborn.

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  1. Thats the Redondo Gap. You could only do it if someone was watching to make sure no people were coming upstairs.Garrido did for glory. Locals like Chris Day, Pete Augustin, Craig Grasso and I did cause it was there.

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