R.L. Osborn, 1985

January 3, 2015 was my last visit to the Torrance office park where Wizard Publications existed during the mid to late '80s. It's on a street called Kashiwa, now home to a small brewery named Strand Brewing Co., and pretty desolate on the weekends. I imagine that during their tenure on the street, Wizard Publications were the outcasts, with ramps in the parking lot and all types of riding happening in and around the building. Here, R.L. Osborn poses during a cherrypicker for the lens of sister Windy Osborn (on the left), from a bike test for a race bike, the 1985 GT Pro Series, and the same location as iPhoned by me on a weekend day in early January from the same location. Basically, I drove to Torrance on a Saturday morning to take a photo of a bland garage door for the sake of Instagram. But it is cool to see R.L. Osborn not riding a Redline, General or Bully. I am a nerd, I know.

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