Mike Buff, 1984

My only connection to Lomita, California before living in the South Bay came courtesy of an All song written in 1988 about a Mexican restaurant in Lomita named Alfredo's. The lyrics read 'At Alfredo's, in Lomita…' and paid homage to their favorite restaurant to eat at when the band was not practicing. Then I moved to Redondo and slowly began to head south on PCH and explore the weirdness that is Lomita. On one of those bike rides, I came to realize that Mike Buff and the BMX Action Trick Team did demos on almost every corner in Lomita, including at this motorcycle tire repair shop on Western Ave. in Lomita. On the day I shot this photo in late December, the tire repair shop was open and I ended up talking to the repair man on duty about the BMX demo that had happened thirty years earlier. I even had the original Mike Buff photo to show him. He thought it was weird that the logo of the business had not changed in all that time, then doubled back, shook his head and said 'things don't change around here.' Later in the day, I found Alfredo's. It's still there too.

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