Ron Wilkerson, 1985

I always hate Venice Beach cause of the people that try to sell my mix tape CDs. 'No, I don't care about your rap music,' never went over well with that lot. And the parking situation, it was not a good time. But I knew my history enough to know that it was more than just home to Hank Moody on Californication. On the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, amid a head cold and a light rain, myself and @robinfenlon decided to take a drive up to Venice and walk around. Because of the holiday and the rain, no one tried to sell us mix tape CDs and parking was a breeze. And then I remembered this infamous shot of Ron Wilkerson at a 1985 AFA comp right on the beach. What can I say about Ron Wilkerson that hasn't been said already? His status is beyond legendary in BMX, and his 2-Hip King of Vert and Meet The Street comps created movements within the sport that are still being replicated today. He also had a gyro with only the bottom cable attached on a pink 2-Hip Pork complete bike last time I saw him. And then there's that unprinted book written by him about himself and his Haro teammates on the road in the late '80s. Okay, I can say about Wilkerson…

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