Rodney Mullen, 1986

When I first moved to Redondo Beach, I would ride at night at the train station in North Redondo. One night while I was riding there, a Hawthorne police officer stopped in his car to watch me. He eventually came up and started talking to me, and mentioned that on the other side of the tracks, there was another parking lot where an older skateboarder 'that owned some skate companies' would practice the same type of tricks on the flat ground at night. The officer said this skater was famous but very shy, and that he skated for hours by himself at night. I decided to see who he was talking about one night, and lo and behold, I discovered Rodney Mullen skating by himself in a random parking lot not far from my riding spot. I decided not to bother him. Here, Rodney Mullen finger flip ollies above the International Boardwalk in Redondo Beach, as seen on the cover of the December 1986 issue of Freestylin' (shot by Windy), and the same location this past December at the same location, as seen by me.

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  1. Rodney would stay down there all day everyday. He was so insane to watch back then. He was also living at R.L.’s house in Hermosa about this time.

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