Pete Kearney, 1988

Before 'street riding' was a real thing measured in YouTube views and steered by Internet bullies creating rules, it was just people riding around on BMX bikes, trying to adapt their skills to the terrains of the surrounding environment. I know that all things change and that street riding has become more of a commodity than anything these days, but I like to think that, to this day, there are pockets of people that just ride around looking for new stuff to ride so that they can have fun with their friends and open their minds to new possibilities. Once upon a time, Pete Kearney @peekay981 was a full-time college student living in Hermosa Beach and riding for General Bicycles, Hammer and Vision Street Wear. He was an awesome flatland rider, but because of his location and the riders he lived with, he expanded into riding the terrain surrounding him, including this much worn-in bank to chunk thingy in the Riviera Village area of Redondo Beach. Abubaca in 1988 on the left shot by Spike Jonze, and last weekend on the right shot by me and my non Spike Jonze creating iPhone aesthetic.

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