RL Osborn, 1984

Liberty State Park, in Jersey City, NJ (where I once lived) came to be my favorite riding spot ever. It was on the Hudson River, the wind blew from the west to the water, and the area in which I rode was on a slight downhill slant towards the water. It basically created this slow-moving plain that allowed me to maintain momentum on the front wheel for a good two minutes. (Granted, it was frozen three months of the year, but it remains my favorite riding spot ever.) Moving to Redondo Beach over three years ago made me leave that place behind, and I struggled to find something comparable. The first place was rough, dark and littered with heroin needles. Then a meth camp popped up and I decided enough was enough after a resident of the camp tried breaking into my car. Not long ago, I stumbled onto this parking lot in Torrance overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and have enjoyed many good hours there because it reminds me of my spot in Jersey City, right on down to the water and the slant. Lo and behold, I was not the first person to do BMX tricks there. That distinction belongs to R.L. Osborn some 30 years ago on the pages of BMX Action.

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