Mike Miranda, Timmy Judge, 1985

I wasn't very passionate about BMX racing in my early days. I appreciated it, but had no interest in racing BMX bikes or vacationing with Hutch BMX racing pros at a private house on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland after winning a subscription contest to BMX Action Magazine in 1985 (as pictured here, Timmy Judge and 'Hollywood' Mike Miranda for a Hutch BMX subscription contest in BMXA in 1985, fishing from the Redondo Beach marina). I also was never passionate about fishing. My father used to take us out as kids on party boats in the Raritan Bay in N.J., and even just baiting the hook with live bait irked me. Therefore, finding the location of this photo was on the back burner, aside from the mustaches, the pink-starred uniforms, and the fact that these two BMX racers are actually facing away from the water for the dramatic purpose of going fishing with one lucky subscriber to BMX Action Magazine in 1985. Like Ian MacKaye once said on the Pailhead record, 'Don't believe everything you read.' No offense to Dave Voelker or @kcbadger.

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