Josh White, 1985

The few times I saw Josh White ride in person (and on video), I was convinced that he was in the same league as Mat Hoffman: lone vert rider from outside the peripherals of Southern California redefining what it meant to ride vert (and intimidating the established pros of the time). He was everywhere from 1986 – 1989. And then the unexpected happened. Josh White kinda disappeared, almost overnight from a coverage standpoint. I was baffled. But he was over riding in contests, and wanted to pass the torch to GT's Joe Johnson. So he left BMX behind. Riding BMX takes all kinds though. Some possess a steady fire within them, and some burn brightly for a short period of time before moving on. Josh White (seen here at Wizard Publications in Torrance in 1985) burned bright for his first magazine cover shoot. Now it's just an empty parking lot.

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