Hammer ad, 1987

I owe this one to Mike Daily and Chris Moeller. This is on the street in front of the house formerly owned by R.L. Osborn in Hermosa Beach. Mike @aggrorag used to live with R.L. and once drove me past the house, mentioning in passing about this old Hammer ad. Earlier this year, Chris @sandmbmx mentioned the same thing. The only problem was, I remembered the ad but couldn't for the life of me find a copy of it. After some digging, I located the ad in an old Ride BMX Magazine. The crazy thing about this ad is that the street in Hermosa Beach is seriously steep. And I highly doubt this ended well, even with neoprene Hammer pads on. I also got yelled at by the current home owner. 'Why the hell are you taking photos of my house,' he said. He did not like my answer: 'Instagram!'

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