Dave Parrick, 1995

The Beryl Banks — a very well known spot to me and thousands of others before I ever arrived in Redondo, are a bike ride away from my house. Located inside the fence of an elementary school, the spot comes with the traditional issues of private property, trespassing and all that goodness. I'm now 40, and I work for Disney, and I don't want to be arrested or be labeled a weirdo for climbing a fence to take photos of a children's playground. That's just me. So I leaned over the fence and did the best I could on a Sunday morning. As for Dave Parrick and the photo from Ride BMX Magazine, it astounded me was kostet viagra. Dave was larger than life to me since the early Homeless videos, and his influence on progressive riding, video production, doing actual lines in videos are all still felt today, even though I secretly hate him for existing on a different plane of space and time from the rest of humanity.

A photo posted by Brian Tunney (@briantunney) on Dec 12, 2014 at 11:32am PST

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