Rick Allison, 1987

27 years can drastically change a landscape. This is near the base of the Strand in South Redondo. I'm fairly certain it's the same place because of the shape of the street lights and the diagonal pathway leading to the beach, but all those trees and fencing added halfway down the dune confused me. On the left is Rick Allison from an issue of Super BMX and Freestyle Magazine, and on the right is from last week. Rick was one of the top mid '80s flatland pros, renowned for a lot of his balance moves. He also sold me on riding a Mongoose FS-1 and then Decade. These days, Rick Allison still rides and is a recovering meth addict that is open to talk about his disease in a pragmatic way, warning about the dangers of meth. As awesome as his riding was and still is, I tend to think his position now and ability to reach out to people is inspiring in a culture where addiction ruins the lives of a lot of really talented bike riders.

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