Jason Lee, 1990

I really wouldn't know who to credit for making the connection from quarterpipe, to bank to curb, to bank to object, to pre-built sub box. But around the time it was happening, Jason Lee and Spike Jonze happened upon a bank to rock in Hermosa Beach and shot the above photo. The rock and rail are still there, now joined by a neighboring tree. And the act of bank to to object stall has been done to death in both skate and BMX. But it's nice to think that way back once upon a time, Jason Lee and Spike were looking at things in a new way and trying to figure out how to adapt a skateboard to a random rock atop a bank, and succeeding. I like to think I took that 'what if' aspect of skate and BMX during this time, interpreted it to my own purposes, and applied it to the rest of my life. But I am just not that smart and that's all good. And my neighbors are having sex really loud right now.

A photo posted by Brian Tunney (@briantunney) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:34pm PDT

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