Jason Lee, 1990

Not BMX, but live a little people. I had driven past this dinky little Mexican restaurant sign in Torrance a few times and always had deja vu, like I knew it from somewhere. Lo and behold, I did. The original Blind ad, with Jason Lee sitting on the same fire hydrant, hung in my bedroom as a teenager. This would've been around the time the original Blind team started filming for 'Video Days,' and we know where things went from there. At the time, Spike Jonze was working for Go: The Rider's Manual in Torrance, shooting ad photos on the side, and I assume plotting the course of 'Video Days.' As for Jason Lee, his section was burned into my brain because it kicked off with 20 seconds of vert riding and then went into crazy manual lines, all to the tune of Milk's 'Knife Song,' which featured a bunch of BMX magazine editors and a BMX pro on drums (at least I think so, RL Osborn). Yeah, you might say it was a convoluted little world back then.

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