Rick Moliterno, 1986

In the mid '80s, a contingent of BMX riders from the midwest arose that could ride everything in their path. DMC is the most common go-to reference, but not far behind him was Rick Moliterno. Rick rode for Hutch, followed by Haro, and then went on to start Standard. And once upon a time in 1986-ish, he did I-hops at the place I usually ride at now. I got to see Rick ride a few years after this photo was taken at Haro demos in 1987 and 1988, and he seriously blew me away with his ability to ride flatland (fast) and then blast crazy airs on the quarterpipe afterwards. And then there were his miniramp/spine ramp years, which no one has been able to replicate to this day. All in all, Rick is one of the best BMX riders to make it through the '80s and '90s, while still remaining relevant and original. But he still needs to do some explaining about that 'I want my life back' documentary…

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