Dave Vanderspek, 1987

Dave Vanderspek (left in 1987) shot by Maurice Meyer and the same garage on this past Friday night in Redondo. Vanderspek died in October of 1988 after accidentally hanging himself, just as he was starting to gain recognition for his forays into early street riding. (Street riding was a new thing but Vander was one of the early originators.) And it almost seemed like he would've gotten a second wind as a BMX pro. I remember opening up the issue of Freestylin' Magazine in freshman biology and not really being able to comprehend that a BMX pro had died. Anyway, on that particular night where the bar endo photo was taken, it sounds like it was just a bunch of BMXers escaping the rain in a parking garage, having fun and not worrying about the future of the sport or innovation. It sounded like a good night. http://www.mauricemeyer.com/curb_dogs/lew_story.html

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