Pete Kearney, 1987

I want to say this is Pete Kearney from the General/Hammer camp. But I may be wrong and negate the whole point of this post. I hated this ad because it made me feel stupid and talked down to even as a young teenager, but I loved Hammer safety pads. Hammer pads may have been the first thing I ordered from Trend Bike Source in Austin in 1988. Anyway, I had no idea that this was basically a walk away from where I live because the landscape has changed so much. I had to Google the bookstore running up Hermosa Ave in the background to verify, but sure enough, it's downtown Hermosa Beach, in front of what is now a sushi place. And Pete Kearney, well, since I was born in Staten Island, and since he was from the same place, I always felt a loose BMX kinship with him. I just hope he got paid to cut his t-shirt sleeves off and rock sweatpants on Hermosa Ave in 1987.

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