Pete Kearney, 1987

I want to say this is Pete Kearney from the General/Hammer camp. But I may be wrong and negate the whole point of this post. I hated this ad because it made me feel stupid and talked down to even as a young teenager, but I loved Hammer safety pads. Hammer pads may have been the first thing I ordered from Trend Bike Source in Austin in 1988. Anyway, I had no idea that this was basically a walk away from where I live because the landscape has changed so much. I had to Google the bookstore running up Hermosa Ave in the background to verify, but sure enough, it's downtown Hermosa Beach, in front of what is now a sushi place. And Pete Kearney, well, since I was born in Staten Island, and since he was from the same place, I always felt a loose BMX kinship with him. I just hope he got paid to cut his t-shirt sleeves off and rock sweatpants on Hermosa Ave in 1987.

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Todd Anderson, 1986

Spike Jonze, 1987

The Fatburger Banks, with Spike Jonze landing a full page photo in Freestylin' Magazine in 1988 on the right, and the present day banks a bike ride away from my house on the left in 2014 viagra apotheken. These things are completely unrideable nowadays, but there are some corner bowl style banks nearby that are pretty fun when traffic is light. A lot has been said about Spike and his relationship to BMX, and for a while as a young 20-something, I was a little bummed to see him move on from BMX. But as I got older, I learned to appreciate the fact that he didn't related to the word 'boundary' in any aspect of his life. He was a rider, a skater, a photographer and a wise ass that took chances, made things work in all walks of life and continued to explore. He's actually the antithesis of BMX in the present tense, which I sincerely admire.

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Craig Grasso, 1988

So, I've been searching for this spot forever, and weirdly enough, it came down to the cross street sign in the original Craig Grasso photo from 1988. It's on the corner of Guadalupe Ave. (which is nearby my house), but I couldn't read the cross street. I knew it was a two word street name, but that was it. Today, I went on Google maps and searched for two-word street names that intersect with Guadalupe, and sure enough, there was only one — Sierra Vista Drive. So I rode the two blocks there and found the sight of one of the photos that hung on my bedroom wall as a teenager. That's Craig Grasso shot by Spike Jonze on the left, and my shot from earlier today. The tree is much bigger today and Grasso is in jail for running from the cops in Vermont but fakie footplants are still awesome.

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