An argument for BMX sweatpants

Subrosa Bike Company, the brainchild of Ryan Sher and Ron Bonner, the one-time producer of limited edition purple jeans under The Shadow Conspiracy name, have recently released a new limited edition item: sweatpants, complete with the Subrosa logo screened down the one leg of the sweatpants. While my quick reaction could have been, “Be honest Brian, you hate these as much as the limited edition purple jeans from a few years back,” I chose to look deeper into myself and remember all of the ways in which I’ve benefited from sweatpants, and why, at the end of the day, sweatpants aren’t such a bad thing for a bike company to produce. Continue reading An argument for BMX sweatpants

An open letter to pretzels:

(I had been noticing a lot of “Open letters to:” lately and realized that I’ve never really paid my respects to pretzels. That changed today.)

You come to me, twisted and baked from wheat flour and malt syrup. Your salt glistens, and those of you unfortunately located at the bottom of the bag break apart from their formed shape. They are renegades, unassuming and innocent, but I cannot turn away from them. Continue reading An open letter to pretzels:

It’s not you, it’s me

Perhaps these are some of the reasons BMX sales are down, if in fact they are at all:

It’s hard to get good at riding BMX: Garrett Reynolds or Chad Kerley or any number of good bike riders weren’t born that way. They started at a young age, put in years of work, and continue to hone their riding. Getting started in BMX and learning skills takes at least two years, and in that time, you could simply turn to…. Continue reading It’s not you, it’s me