SMP clip

April 26, 2012 was a rough day. The day before, I had to make the difficult decision to relieve my cat Goose of his misery. I’ve been through this story and I don’t wish to revisit it right now. The following day, I boarded a plane for Shanghai, China and tried in vain to put the previous month’s hardships behind me. That meant riding the streets of Shanghai with some friends, eventually ending up at the SMP Skatepark on the outskirts of town.

And that led to the clip filmed above. I guess I should go back earlier in the story though. A year before, I had made the same trip to Shanghai and filmed the same clip at the same skatepark with Leigh Ramsdell. I was having trouble with that clip the first time. It was windy, the park was crowded, I enjoyed making excuses for myself. And then I finally pulled it after about an hour of trying it. And Leigh mistakenly erased the footage from his camera not long after.

I wasn’t exactly mad. I figured it just wasn’t meant to me. Ending up back in the same location with Leigh a year later, I figured we should give it another go. Leigh set up his camera, I rode back across the skatepark, and within five minutes of trying it, I pulled it clean.

It happened much easier the second time around. I like to think that Goose was helping me.

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