Delusional, I’m not impressed

I hate to even use the phrase “things are different now,” but it seems to arise often for people in my age range, people that were born pre-Internet, discovered their interests through tangible physical pursuits, and weren’t distracted by Snapchats, texts, Instagrams, Facebook and Twitter.

It was different, I just don’t want to be the old man scoffing in the corner about how things and how they might not always be for the better. For that reason, I will consider myself the middle age man doing pretty much the same thing. Continue reading Delusional, I’m not impressed

God bless the Indian Summer

Earlier this week, I rediscovered David Bazan, Pedro The Lion, and his all-encompassing catalog of music through the Going Off Track podcast Bazan did a little over a year ago. (Actually, Going Off Track and the kinda awesome catalog of podcasts they’ve banged out in the past year or so deserves another altogether separate post: go there now though and start with Ray Cappo.) Continue reading God bless the Indian Summer