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I don’t get to write too much anymore with my current position, unless it’s answering emails or leaving snarky post-it notes in the kitchen. But this week, I made time to write a preview feature for on BMX Big Air rider Zack Warden. I don’t really remember when or how I met Zack. I remember traveling to Woodward more than a few years ago during the winter and drinking beers with him, so I’ll say it had to be somewhere around that time. Anyway, Zack is the real deal, and he was kind enough to talk to me and let me tell his story for ESPN. So here it is: Zack Warden feature.

Video exclusive to the internet

*Video Exclusive to the Internet from briantunney on Vimeo.

This was filmed just over two years ago at my old riding spot in Jersey City, N.J. I don’t remember exactly why Dane Beardsley was in town, but I do remember us taking a day to traverse Manhattan, from the bottom to the top and then back again. He also was kind enough to film the two things above. I know I’ve pined for a return to that riding spot before, so I won’t again, but damn I do miss everything about it, even the wind and the helicopters.

Hoboken, part 2

There is another element to my relationship to Hoboken, completely unrelated to my dalliances with her northern section on my nightly rides from West New York: Maxwell’s.

It was/is a club that I had to come to know well since the early ’90s. There were many legendary bands I saw play there, many infamous nights I spent with close friends there, many memorable meals and drinks I shared with close friends there.

Last week, news broke that it was closing. I can’t say I was surprised. As a business, it had become noble in a town where money talked. Not that it was entirely noble in and of itself, just that it was a bastion of dire indie hope in a town that was quickly becoming the ‘Jersey Shore’ of Hudson County. Actually, it had been that case for a very long time before it decided to shut its doors, and everyone (myself included) chose to ignore the writing on the wall, even when they remodeled the bathrooms many years ago. Continue reading Hoboken, part 2

Red Hare

I took some time to write about a record I’ve really enjoyed the past few weeks for ESPN. I usually don’t get a chance to do this for a variety of reasons mostly related to conference calls, but I intend to try to do it more. If you liked Swiz, Bluetip, Sweetbelly Freakdown or anything Jason Farrell has attached his name to, then I’d highly recommend ‘Nites of Midnite.’

You don’t have to read what I wrote here on ESPN.

And you can buy the album here on the Dischord Records site.

Hoboken loop, part 1

Feb., 2008, during one of those rides.
In the year spent in West New York, New Jersey, I had a weather-permitting nightly bike loop that got me out of the house and delivered me from West New York, through Union City and Weehawken, and most nights, into the northern section of Hoboken.

The route I took out of the apartment was random at best. Past the local taxi stand, a distributor of religious candles called El Cacique Botanica, south down any number of dimly lit streets until I arrived at Bergenline Avenue and passed by the many liquor stores and nail salons. And then, somewhere in the streets that were numbered in the 40s, West New York became Union City, and the layout of the land gently started to slope downhill into Weehawken and Hoboken. Continue reading Hoboken loop, part 1