Songs I liked in 2012

Self Defense Family — ‘Self Immolation Family’

No explanation as to why this song resonated so much with me, but I think it had to do with this line (“Green light from here until Venice”) and the implication that living in Los Angeles can be made better by the day’s driving experience.

Retisonic — ‘Half Step’‬

Waited and waited and waited for this album to be released, and suddenly, with little fanfare, it appeared last March. If you ever liked Bluetip, or Jason Farrell’s brand of lyrical self-deprecation, this is the logical next step. It’s more stripped down than Bluetip ever was, but remains trademark Farrell songwriting. According to this interview, it looks like more Bluetip is on the way in the future, but this album is a nice hold over until then.

Rebecca Gates and The Consortium — ‘&&&’

This took a really, really long time to finally be released, but I’m glad I held out.

The Evens — ‘Wanted Criminals’

This is probably the closest thing to Fugazi since the release of ‘The Argument.’ The album kinda lost me on the song ‘Competing with the Till,’ about playing music in bars, apathy from bartenders over electrical outlets that don’t always work and the connection between drinking in a bar and listening to music, but I’ll let it slide since the above song makes up for it.

The Life and Times — ‘Day One’

“No One Loves You Like I Do” is probably my favorite record of 2012. It’s formulated as an out of sequence break-up record, and explores the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression acceptance.

Narrows — ‘Greenland’

The guitar at 3:17 automatically gripped me.

Sun Kil Moon — ‘I Know It’s Pathetic But That Was The Greatest Night of My Life’

Minus The Bear — ‘Diamond Lightning’

The Gaslight Anthem — ‘Here Comes My Man’

I am required by law to include a song from a New Jersey band in here. Lyrically, this gets pretty deep, then enjoys a reprieve with the line, “you know I think will let my hair grow out.” I think things like that.

Forgetters — ‘Seconds’

Blake Schwarzenbach’s lyrics have been lauded for over twenty years now. The above song, a cover from the Human League, made me realize that I am just as much a fan of his lyrical delivery as his writing though. The one other person in the world that falls into that category is Richard Butler of The Psychedelic Furs, and I could probably draw comparisons for days between those two.

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