Me, in my 20s, on BMX bikes

My very old friend Adam Guild, formerly a resident of Piscataway, N.J., was one of the first people to film me riding in my earlier years. I first met him at an audition for a Kudos commercial (I think?) in either 1989 or 1990, and over the years, we developed a friendship that has endured for over twenty years. Whether it was driving to Norfolk, Va. for contests or riding for countless hours at a time at the football stadium on the Rutgers campus, Adam was one of the people I came to look up to and respect, not only for his riding skills, but for the sheer fact that he got things done.

He basically documented everything our small crew did in riding, on top of remaining at a high level of riding on his own, without any of us really realizing what he was doing. Yeah, he was pointing a camera at us, but personally, I never realized the scope of what he was actually doing in terms of documenting a scene.

And now, a long time after we have all moved apart, Adam has amazingly retained a record of our time spent riding. Things I don’t remember, things I probably chose to block from my memory, like riding in baggy jeans without a shirt or entering the expert class at the 1994 B.S. comp in Chicago, have been transformed from VHS tape to DVD to digital through Adam’s work.

I know that things are different now, and that everything in the world is easily documented within seconds of it happening. But in the early ’90s, that wasn’t the case. Adam always saw things differently, and I’m forever grateful for his friendship and his hard work.

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