Me, in my 20s, on BMX bikes

My very old friend Adam Guild, formerly a resident of Piscataway, N.J., was one of the first people to film me riding in my earlier years. I first met him at an audition for a Kudos commercial (I think?) in either 1989 or 1990, and over the years, we developed a friendship that has endured for over twenty years. Whether it was driving to Norfolk, Va. for contests or riding for countless hours at a time at the football stadium on the Rutgers campus, Adam was one of the people I came to look up to and respect, not only for his riding skills, but for the sheer fact that he got things done. Continue reading Me, in my 20s, on BMX bikes

Musings on the GT Demo Tape

Allow me to enter into some BMX-centric nostalgia. We never had BMX videos as a kid in the mid ’80s. Not until the tail end of 1987/1988 was I able to actually go to a bike shop and purchase a BMX-dedicated video for upwards of thirty hard-earned dollars. And that is exactly what I would do, whenever I could get my mother or father to drive me to the one bike shop in Howell, N.J. that catered to BMX freestyle. (Ironically, Scotty Cranmer now owns the same shop in the same location). Continue reading Musings on the GT Demo Tape

Thanksgiving, 1989

Ken’s Kosher Deli in Matawan, N.J. was my first official part-time job. Most weekday nights, I washed dishes, then swept and mopped up the restaurant after it closed at 8 p.m. I made five dollars an hour under the table, and that money granted me some of my first financial freedoms.

Suddenly, new bike parts, Fugazi’s first EP on cassette tape and BMX magazines became within reach for me without having to wait for a birthday or a holiday. And though I often hated the work, I took the financial reward as incentive to continue working. I was fifteen. It was 1989. Continue reading Thanksgiving, 1989