Walking Away

Growing up on H-Street’s “Hokus Pokus” and the accompanying soundtrack from Sub-Society, Matt Hensley became an early favorite. While in his late teens, at the height of what could have been a decade long career based solely on board sales, he walked away. According to him, “I just snapped skating a curb.”

He moved to Chicago, continued skating, but essentially remained away from the skate industry and started to explore other avenues in life. He started playing the accordion, became a paramedic and joined the band Flogging Molly, which he remains a part of to this day.

He has since re-embraced skateboarding, with runs on Duffs (yes, I wore his shoe for many years and shared many a sales meetings with him) and Black Label. I don’t really think he skates too much anymore, but I think that’s besides the point. The fact that he walked away from the very thing that he was becoming at such an early age was unafraid to take a new path in life is still inspiring to me.

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