RIP: These Arms Are Snakes, 2002-2009

“There’s an audience, and someone will remember this.” -TAAS

I’m a little late on this one, but I wanted to at least mention that one of my personal favorites, a Seattle band known as These Arms Are Snakes, called it a day late in December, followed by an official announcement on or around January 12 of this year.

I didn’t exactly take it personal or anything. I understand the nature of bands, and how fragile the arrangement of personalities can be. Not to mention the constant uphill battle a touring band undertakes, from broken down vans to countless nights spent sleeping on people’s floors. But I will miss them.

And I can’t help but think that in the wake of these circumstances, swift and deliberate confrontation took a direct kick to the head. Those that have ever attended a TAAS show can attest to this. Even when the band seemed internally disjointed, the music grabbed each audience member by the throat, shook them violently and never let go.

Still, priorities change, people move on and bands break up every single minute of the year. These Arms Are Snakes leaves behind a lasting legacy of recorded music, scathing live shows and a heavy dose of confrontational influence. And, if nothing else, I’ll always have the memory of them driving through Northern Philadelphia, blasting the They Might Be Giants CD box set on the way to their next show, getting it done the only way they knew how.

(The above video is a few years old, from North Six in Brooklyn. I loved each and every time I saw the band play, but the above performance turned me into a true believer.)

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