A Random Update (Of Randomness)

I know I’ve been neglecting this thing lately. Honestly, there are some days where I just don’t care about it, and still other days when I’m thinking that the three people that might still check this don’t really mind me being lazy. It’s not that I’ve been being lazy though; I have been riding bikes a ton and keeping busy with a heck of a whole lot of writing at my job.

The bike riding, well, it’s just been really really warm out for most of the fall, and even though it’s now the end of November, it’s still warm enough to ride outside almost every day. So my thinking here was pretty self explanatory: ride now, waste time writing at night when it’s 25 degrees outside. And as for the daytime writing, well, head over to ESPN BMX to catch up with that.

I also caught a bit of the Twitter bug. I know, stupid name, but still slightly amusing from time to time. I’m not updating it every two seconds with what’s on my plate to eat, but I’ve been into it a little more than I had been. Mainly because I get to see what Weird Al Yankovic and Tracy Morgan are eating every day.

And then there is Goose the cat. He had a run-in with the neighbor’s dog, and even though he lost a claw and got a pretty mean puncture in his belly, he’s just about made a full recovery. He’s still on antibiotics twice a day (and hating me for having to give them to him), but I’m happy to say he’s back to his normal sleeping self. He was kind enough to catch up with me for his on-camera appearance since the dog bite incident. Check that below.

Goose Interview from briantunney on Vimeo.

And finally, I guess this wouldn’t be complete without some sorta list about what’s been awesome on my iPod lately.

The new Russian Circles is awesome, as is the new Pelican. And live-wise, I think the Trap Them, Narrows, Cave In show from last week might’ve been my favorite show of the year. (Aside from any Heather Duby show this year.) If you haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and go buy the Narrows album ‘New Distances.’ It’s been out for a few months already, but it’s still straight up awesome.

Time for the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm now. I hope it doesn’t disappoint too much.

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