To Become a Haiku

So I posted that video last week. It was an out take from a filming session a few weeks ago. It got linked up on a Japanese flatland blog with some text that I couldn’t read. So I translated it. And here’s what they said about me. I’ll admit, I am a somewhat tan senior, but the rest baffles me.

“TAN seniors!
What is not routine in the old system to Around The World
Moreover, at one time the front and rear!
I, luxury.
Oh? What I’m riding BMX?
What was your mind!”


I know this probably owes more to drunken text messages than my actual flatland riding, but Brian Foster listed me as his favorite flatlander on Fat BMX, and I gotta say, that’s a pretty big honor. Thanks BF! The next gallon of Carlo Rossi is on me…