The Great Dying Part Six

It probably doesn’t feel like we’re living through a new age of extinction, probably because humans don’t actually know what living through an age of extinction is like. We missed the first, second, third, fourth and fifth ages of extinction. And were humanity there in the first place, there’s no way we would’ve made it through a six-mile-wide asteroid collision with Earth. Or any of the other shit that killed off virtually everything on the planet during those times, from ice to global warming.

But of course, we’re responsible, or at least facilitators, of the sixth age of extinction, which seems to be taking the form of a fungus called ‘Chytrid.’ It’s already done a number on frogs and bats, and who knows what next.

Fungus. Think about that for a second. The same thing that produces mushrooms and makes our feet itchy after we take showers in dirty bath tubs, could potentially kill us off.

I know I should take this more seriously, but my first thought was of how humanity being killed off by a fungus might influence gangsta rap, or any other subculture obsessed with dying a glorious death, of which I would hope there are only a few by now. I just don’t think Ice-T would be too psyched if he dies at the hand of a killer mushroom. I cold be wrong though.

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