It’s been a coupla busy weeks between here, Mexico City, Las Vegas and the looming deadline of Dig issue 67. Fortunately, it seems as if a break in the action (or lack thereof, it’s more of just sitting in front of a computer and being frustrated) is on the horizon. I’m done with my deadline (well, 98%) and might actually get out to ride my bike tonight. But for now, I guess some photos are in order.

dsc00911.jpg This is me shredding the shit out of the dumbass pose outside of Mexico City.

dsc00913.jpg This is the closest I’ve ever become to being a sensitive artist. I think the morning tequila session helped.

dsc00969.jpg This is how I spent the better part of three days in Las Vegas. I hate that I have a Kronik Energy Drink in almost every picture from Vegas. But I do love Paul DeJong’s facial expression. I think it’s the most serious I’ve ever seen him. (He’s the one on the right.)

And finally, it’s not a photo, but a video. Shudder To Think reunited for a few shows this year, and I was lucky enough to spend $32.50 (up from $5 when I last saw them in 1991) and see them play live for over an hour this past Saturday night. Shit was tight. They were always great at pulling off this certain kind of toughness that lingered below their off-structured pop melodies (via guitarist Nathan Larson.) Like the tortured soul of an artistically-inclined criminal from a Batman movie, only catchier and hopefully nicer…

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