I’ve always been fascinated by etymology, and etymologists in themselves, but I’ve never really felt the need the need to dive headfirst into the subject until quite recently. I’m kinda under the impression that technology is moving too fast for nomenclature, so I’ve been tossing some ideas around in my head for a few weeks. Ideas that didn’t have names yet. The first of which is “netsophrenic.” This happens a lot on social networking sites. A person might act one way online, but totally different in person. I’ve heard it discussed a lot in the past few weeks, but no one’s really had a name for the phenomenon. Until now. Here goes, my first meager attempt at etymology. Feel free to use the term at will.



Function: noun, adjective

New Web English


1: A psychotic disorder characterized by a personality divisively split between the real world and that of the Internet. <I like him in person, but hate his online personality. He’s so netsophrenic.>

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