Indiana Jones and The Last… Few Years

I was watching Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull again on SurfTheChannel, and it occurred to me how much more political/less religious the latest installment is. It had me wondering all day long today. Suppose Indiana Jones was a real character in the current political climate of 2008, what would he be doing, and who would he vote for?

Within the first ten minutes of The Crystal Skull, Indy tells his Russian enemies, “I like Ike,” a reference to Dwight Eisenhower, the president of the US during the time of the movie. Eisenhower was a Republican, known in part for his reluctance not only to support the civil rights movement to the degree that more liberal individuals would have preferred, but also to stop McCarthyism, even though he opposed McCarthy’s tactics and claims. Indiana Jones quickly becomes a victim of McCarthyism throughout the movie, and is more than likely a supporter of the civil rights movement. And even though Jones served under Eisenhower during World War 2, I can’t help but think that he wasn’t a direct supporter of his presidency. I’m assuming that the “I like Ike” statement was more of a joke, cause I don’t see Indiana Jones as a republican. So, if he was in fact joking, and alive today, I’d hope he’d be an Obama supporter.

But the premise runs a lot deeper. Let’s suppose Jones was up to his old ways as an adventurer/archeologist in 2008, jet-setting around the world, visiting trusted friends in the Middle East and bringing guns onto airplanes. The Bush Administration, and more importantly, The Department of Homeland Security, would probably have some big problems with Indiana Jones. Take into account Indy’s trusted friends, which include Egyptian excavators, Liberian smugglers and Mexican revolutionaries. None of which paint a pretty track record in the eyes of the current administration. And now think about Indy’s past travel destinations, which include Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Ceylon, Nepal, Africa and Turkey. As soon as Passport Control gets hold of that well-worn passport, I bet they’d have some pretty drastic questions to ask. Were he around today, he’d probably have some men in black hitting him up, asking about friends and listing him as a potential candidate for Guantanamo Bay.

Deep down though, Indiana Jones is a patriot. He served in the Office of Strategic Services during WW2 and generally did what he could to help the government whenever needed. So he clearly loves his country. But he’s also a lone wolf, and he never let anything get in the way of what he thought was just. For that reason, if Indiana Jones was around today, I think he’d be a man without a country, an expatriate probably teaching and living in Western Europe, enjoying the better health care systems and shaking his head at George W. Bush and whomever might succeed him. In simpler terms, the paranoid government isn’t ready to deal with a real-life version of Indiana Jones.

But I still like to imagine the headache he might in fact give them…

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