Nice Going, Again…

You did it again BMX. Nice one. You know what I’m talking about. Dirty laundry. Everywhere. On the Internet. I don’t really see it happening anywhere else. But maybe I’m not looking enough. I know that when a baseball player gets traded to another team, he gets traded and the most anyone can chalk it up to is stats. Are there any baseball Web sites or message boards devoted to the real reason why whoever the fuck was traded from the Cubs to the Yankees? Same goes for skateboarding. When a dude gets dropped from a company, it’s between the skater and the company. Yeah, some of the hearsay might get around, but as an industry, they do a pretty good job at being civil when sponsor dropping situations arise. It doesn’t become a dramatic who said what all over the Internet. Hell, the independent music scene even knows enough to keep their dirty laundry between the respective parties. If a bass player gets fired from a band, it’s between that ex-bass player and the band. Not all over the Internet.

So here’s my two cents on the subject before I go ride my bike. Dirty laundry should stay in the closet. Grow up and keep it civil, cause right now, BMX seems like one big junior high school pissing war/supermarket tabloid.

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